Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast, there, Mr. Real Journalist from CNN. We’re all thankful for the laughs the White House has provided today by releasing a photo of President Mom Jeans firing a shotgun. But before you claim that the picture “shoots down skepticism from some Republicans that Obama has fired a gun,” let’s check the old timeline.

Who originally asked the president, “Have you ever fired a gun?” That would be the folks at the New Republic, hardly a group of Republicans. And it wasn’t the question that was so entertaining, but rather Obama’s response: he and guests go skeet shooting all the time. Why, he’s probably out shooting right now. It was the press who then asked Jay Carney just how often “all the time” really is, to which Carney had no good answer.

Yeah, the NRA, the New Republic and the White House Press Corps; we get them mixed up all the time too, Touré.

So no, Gregory Wallace, it’s not whether Obama has ever fired a gun that concerns Republicans and many others, but what restrictions he intends to impose on the rest of America.

Oh, and Sharyl Attkisson and a few others would still like to see those photos from another shooting that happened in Benghazi, Libya. She asked back in October.