High school kids know how to get things done on Twitter. Take, for example, the successful hashtag campaign to urge New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to call a student who was seriously injured by a drunk driver. So, why not get #FreeCrunkBear trending?

Who is “Crunk Bear” and from what does she need to be freed? She’s Carly McKinney, aka “crunk_bear,” a 23-year-old math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colo., and she’s been suspended for posting partially nude photos to social media sites, as well as tweeting about having weed on school property and being “baked” while grading papers. Obviously, then, the kids love her. Students “kind of relate to her on a personal level” one student explained to a 9News reporter. But can she teach math? Has anyone thought to ask?

Twitter might have had a role in McKinney’s suspension, but will it play a role in putting her back in the classroom (if not a reality TV series)?



Superstar DJ Diplo weighs in:


“Your the crunkest”? At least she’s not teaching English. (Update: Or is it a parody account? Please see the editor’s note at the end of this post.)

One or two voices for decency have emerged among the hashtag mania.

Editor’s note: The Daily News reports that McKinney created the @CarlyCrunkBear account on Tuesday. However, Daily Dot reports that “an anonymous individual has created a @CarlyCrunkBear to impersonate the beleaguered teacher.” Twitchy has not yet confirmed which report is accurate.