While the story of the heckling that wasn’t a heckling at a Connecticut hearing on guns was making the rounds of just about every cable news channel and Left-leaning website yesterday, another tidbit from that meeting has been leaking out slowly. While Second Amendment supporters answering a question have been branded nationally as “animals” exhibiting “repulsive” behavior, Connecticut state senator Beth Bye is coming under fire for posting to Twitter and Facebook during that same meeting, according to Courant.com.

Sen. Chris Murphy, co-sponsor with Sen. Dianne Feinstein of the 2013 assault weapons ban legislation, was quick to jump to Bye’s defense.

Is this really a story? Newtown father Neil Heslin being “shouted down” certainly was. If answering Heslin’s question was disrespectful enough to incite national outrage, Bye’s posts during the meeting certainly count as newsworthy. Screenshots show her participating in a “drinking game” during testimony.



Courant.com reports that Bye deleted her Twitter accounted after she received “several profanity-laced Twitter and email messages from all over the country.”