Plenty of people tune in to CNBC for tips on how to invest, but many think there’s some real money to be made by scheduling a series of pay-per-view fights between businessman Carl Icahn and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. CNBC knew they had solid gold television on their hands, promising to re-run the highlights of the #BillionaireShowdown.

“Billionaire showdown” sounds a little tame. Forbes called the on-air exchange an “epic television cage match” and tried to nail down the highlight.

Was it when Icahn called Ackman a liar or was it when Ackman said Icahn is “not a guy who keeps his word,” and added “this is a guy who takes advantage of little people”? Maybe it was when Icahn said Ackman is “like a crybaby in the schoolyard. I went to a tough school in Queens, you know, and they used to beat up the little Jewish boys. He was like one of the little Jewish boys crying”?

Now that’s below the belt. Still, not everyone was impressed by the rumble in the cable jungle.

Video of the “epic death match” is available at Business Insider.