Rumors were going around last night that Twitter was going to shut down for a week to perform maintenance. That’s not likely, but if there’s any reason to shut down Twitter, it’s to clean out all of the straw men from David Frum’s feed — it’s getting to be a real fire hazard in there. For one, we haven’t heard anyone try to argue that Chicago’s ridiculously high number of gun homicides means that “guns are nothing to worry about” — but we’re dealing with a man whose initial response to the Sandy Hook massacre was a sarcastic tweet about letting toddlers have concealed carry permits.

We’ll give credit to Frum for at least bringing Chicago into the gun control debate, even if he’s completely mischaracterizing his opponents. So, what’s the solution?

Gun safety rules? Are those anything like gun control laws, which are proving so ineffective in curbing gun violence in Chicago? Or are they more like President Obama’s list of 23 executive actions?

Hmm … and just who is “using” those guns? Have these people no respect for the law? Maybe some of the nation’s most strict gun control laws and a moat around the city is the answer.

Time for one more straw man, inspired by today’s shooting at Lone Star College?


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