While the mainstream media outlets were trying to settle on a believable attendance number for today’s inaugural festivities, Glenn Beck’s first-ever #MisfitBall was climbing to the top of Twitter’s list of trending topics in the United States. That is, it was at the top, briefly.

Guests at the ball included Rick and Elizabeth Santorum, Mia Love, Dana Loesch and many more.

Estimates say that up to a million people descended on the National Mall today to be a part of history, but they missed out on another piece of history — a spongy, golden piece.

Craft store Hobby Lobby, under siege from the government for its stand against Obamacare’s morning-after pill mandate, was represented in the form of party favors.

For some, Twinkies weren’t even the highlight of the evening.

* * *

Update: Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) confirms via tweet that Glenn Beck’s event was the inaugural party to attend.

Can we get a second source on that claim of lame snacks at the official ball? Yes we can.