We take it that Chuck Todd doesn’t subscribe to the Journal News, or he wouldn’t have to ask where gun owners live. Actually, he doesn’t even have to read the paper to find the names and addresses of gun permit holders. We suspect that Todd is simply asking which areas of the country house the “bitter clingers,” but is even that necessary to “understand” the gun debate?


Todd’s tweet about knowing where gun owners live showed a curious unawareness of the situation in New York’s Rockland and Westchester counties. One gun owner’s home outed by the newspaper already was burglarized earlier this week, with thieves reportedly trying to pry into the owner’s gun safe. And now another gun owner on the map has been burglarized, with two handguns reported stolen from his home.

As long as Todd is putting his skills as a journalist to work, perhaps he could track down the criminals who stole the firearms? That sort of information would be very welcome in understanding the gun debate.