Rupert Murdoch certainly isn’t shy about asking questions, and today’s he’s curious how a 400-pound woman in New York City who fell through a sidewalk managed to get so large.

Ulanda Williams broke her arm in two places in the fall last Friday but told the New York Post that her weight actually saved her from being injured even more seriously. The Post and other news outlets identify Williams as a social worker, making Murdoch’s query about how the “fat lady” gained so much weight on welfare and food stamps even less tactful.

“Anti-bullying activist” Dan Savage was quick to answer Murdoch’s tweet with a similar level of class.

Could someone who reads Savage’s “Savage Love” sex advice column regularly please let us know if that’s intended as an insult?

Before stepping away from the keyboard, Murdoch managed to turn his attention to another matter.

The Constitution is correct about the right to own guns for hunting? Maybe Murdoch should step away from Twitter and ask Piers Morgan if he can borrow that “little book” for review.