Belize-born rapper Shyne, frustrated by the growing number of gun deaths in Chicago, says he’s close to having his own Kanye West-style meltdown and accusing President Obama of not caring about black people.

Shyne’s tweets come the same day that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he’d be “supporting the president’s entire [gun control] package.” The rapper’s call for attention from the president began on Sunday, though.

Shyne is not the first rapper to call out the president on the rising death toll in Chicago. Last August, Lupe Fiasco tweeted to the president, “OUR city is DYING where the fuck you at?”

After losing a Supreme Court challenge, Chicago’s city council in 2010 approved a gun ordinance that allows non-felons to keep handguns in their homes, and gave illegal gun owners 90 days to turn in their firearms. In 2012, Chicago police logged more than 500 homicides.