Just to clarify, is Piers Morgan getting slower, or are his replies just that much more well thought-out? “Musket” Morgan took his share of ridicule in early December, when he took a leisurely 18 hours to respond to “gun-toting heroine” Carol Roth. You just can’t rush that sort of brilliance.

Tonight, nearly 24 hours after suffering a brutal on-air smack down from “Bullies” author Ben Shapiro, Morgan finally crafted the perfect comeback to Shapiro’s point about guns being a defense against tyranny. We’re guessing Morgan didn’t spend all that time reading the “little book” Shapiro handed him.

Hah! Hey Piers, the Jerk Store called … President Obama‘s wondering where you are.

No do-overs. Morgan had his chance to question Shapiro last night, in person, on the air.



OK, we’ll give Morgan a do-over, at least on Twitter. So, in his new scenario, Shapiro alone will be defending himself against the entire U.S. Marine Corps.

Morgan’s Twitter feed has lit up over the last 24 hours, and his TV ratings this week haven’t been that bad, either. Perhaps a big “thank you” to Shapiro is in order.