For all of the talk about voter fraud, voter ID and voter suppression last year, it seems that government isn’t the only American institution that can’t quite figure out how to count ballots. Actress Joan Collins wonders if online voting is the culprit behind what she calls “major unexpected snubs” among this year’s Academy Award nominees.

This was the first year that Academy members could vote online as well as by paper ballot, and the process was not without problems. The submission deadline was extended 24 hours after reports of low turnout, which many members attributed to a cumbersome and confusing online registration process. The Academy had set up a 24-hour call center to help voters and opened assisted voting stations in Los Angeles, New York and London. Is voting really that hard?

Collins hasn’t let on just who inspired her tweet, so we’ll just have to guess. Plus, it’s our one chance per year to use the word “snubbed” as much as we want.


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