Phew. The execs at ESPN must have been nervous as they watched the public react with amusement and disgust to “Creepy” Brent Musburger’s drool-covered appreciation of Miss Alabama Katherine Webb Monday night. That’s all behind them now, though. ESPN has apologized, and Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock approves.

When Whitlock says he knows when lines are crossed, he’s speaking from experience. After all, this is the writer who used Bob Costas’ half-time anti-gun tirade to springboard himself into the national conversation on guns, in which he called the NRA “the new KKK” but refused to “shuffle off to the Big House” of The O’Reilly Factor to “dance.”

Wait … the same person who praised Bob Costas for inserting a lecture on “gun culture” into a Sunday Night Football broadcast thinks that comments are best left for Twitter, not live TV?

We feel another “sports” column coming on. Before Whitlock starts typing up his thoughts on apologizing, though, one other matter: