The Occupy movement, which at one point had the blessing of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, fell out of the media spotlight about the same time as news of “rape tents” began to dominate coverage. Flash forward to 2012, and an Occupy-led protest over an alleged rape in Steubenville, Ohio, manages to garner a shout-out from one-time MSNBC host David Shuster.

Occupiers, many wearing the Guy Fawkes masks associated with Anonymous, gathered in front of the Jefferson County courthouse to demand further investigation of an alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl by members of Steubenville High’s football team.

Shuster’s solicited shout-out wasn’t the only celebrity endorsement of Occupy’s protest. Roseanne Barr has been tweeting her support.

When candidate Mitt Romney turned a campaign stop in Ohio into a relief rally for victims of Superstorm Sandy, Shuster was among those to denounce the event as a “lie.” Occupy still has his support, though, despite the unseemly association with rape that the movement still has for many.


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