Remember Starbucks’ “Indivisible” campaign and what it was for? No? Then your expectations are properly set for CEO Howard Schultz’s latest “nonpartisan” shot at political influence. Baristas around the Washington, D.C., area were asked to write “Come Together” on coffee cups this morning to inspire legislators to reach a compromise in fiscal cliff negotiations.

We didn’t hear if Barack’s cup had the message on it, but people like Jasmyn were left scratching their heads.

Many coffee drinkers, though, had heard about the campaign online, and were disappointed when they didn’t see “Come Together” written on their cup.

The whole campaign seems to have left many customers with a bitter taste.

Not everyone greeted the idea with ridicule, though. DNC vice chair Donna Brazile adopted Starbucks’ motto, infused it with some partisan spin and turned it into a Twitter hashtag.

No, you can’t. Shut up and drink your coffee.

With many observers calling Starbucks’ campaign a confusing flop, will the coffee chain stick to making lattes or can we look forward to more “nonpartisan” sloganeering?