It’s funny how terms like “assault weapon” are used so casually (and incorrectly) in the debate over the Second Amendment, and yet “the government” is assumed to be universally understood. The government? It’s those buildings in Washington that keep us fed and housed and safe, right? Who’d fear that, at least while a Democrat is in office?

As many in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., massacre question the possible role of mental illness in that tragedy, MSNBC host Touré argues that just wanting “military-style” weapons is a sign that you’re not quite well — while at the same time arguing that talking about mental illness is an attempt to “evade the debate” over the real issue: “large clips and bullets.”’s Dana Loesch took Piers Morgan and others to school earlier today on the definition of assault weapon, but it looks like Touré skipped that class. Good thing Twitter was there to fill him in.

But the people are demanding action! A new poll shows that Americans don’t like those military-style semi-automatic assault guns.

Please, can we stop quibbling about definitions and facts and just pass some laws already?

Wait, Touré is black?