Kim Kardashian recently had such a fun day in the Kingdom of Bahrain that she wanted to move there, though it’s unclear from her tweets if she was aware of the riot police and tear gas her visit inspired. Kardashian was there to open a milkshake shop and pose with some camels. The New York Times’ Nick Kristof says he was there to report on human rights and was therefore denied entry. When we say “trapped,” we mean stuck at an airport Starbucks.

With some time on his hands, Kristof wonders what it would take to get the Kardashian treatment.

Ben Affleck managed to smuggle Americans out of Iran in the film “Argo” by using fake Canadian passports. Why not ask him for advice? Actors know all sorts of stuff.

Good thing for Kristof that Affleck was monitoring his Twitter feed.

Kristof never made it into Bahrain, but he did receive an unofficial welcome.