As the first scraps of information about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter — many of them incorrect — began to emerge online Friday afternoon, video game enthusiasts were dismayed to see headlines identifying Adam Lanza as an avid gamer.

Many found a violent, gun-filled ad for the film “Gangster Squad” broadcast during Sunday’s Colts-Texans game in poor taste, and former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod was similarly troubled by a post-game spot for the M-rated video game, “Hitman: Absolution.” Gamers were about as happy to be linked to gun violence as responsible gun owners are, and they let Axelrod know it, sometimes in violent terms.

Axelrod wasn’t completely alone in his opinion. Will a closer look at violent video games become part of the nation’s “conversation” on guns?

Those old enough to remember the efforts of the PMRC in the 1980s couldn’t help but be reminded of a certain former second lady.

Here’s a TV spot for the game.

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