At the same time it was reporting the rising death toll in Newtown, Conn., the Tulsa World newspaper was covering what could only in that case be called happier news: the arrest of an 18-year-old Bartlesville High School student in connection with a plot to massacre his classmates.

The World reports:

Sammie Eaglebear Chavez attempted to recruit students in the school cafeteria on Wednesday to help him carry out a massive school shooting and bombing plot, police allege in a court affidavit.

“Sammie tried to recruit other students to assist him with carrying out a plan to lure students into the school auditorium where he planned to begin shooting them after chaining the doors shut,” Bartlesville Police Lt. Kevin Ickleberry wrote in the affidavit, which was filed in Washington County District Court.

Authorities also say that Chavez had told a teacher he had just purchased a gun, although that has not been confirmed. He had been researching pipe bombs and the Columbine school shooting on the school’s computer, and allegedly had planned to detonate bombs at the school doors as police arrived.

Our thanks go to the school administrators and police who took notice and averted the threat.

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