Tweeting from her official @AmbassadorRice account, which looks to be where she’ll remain for now, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said tonight that she has withdrawn her bid to become Secretary of State because it’s “right for the country.” She further tweeted that she “wants to get things done,” which, if true, perhaps cements the notion that she has no place in Washington, D.C.

Plenty have rushed to blame the inherent sexism and racism of the GOP for scuttling Rice’s advancement, and they’re equally anxious to console her.

Hey, it’s Nancy Giles of CBS News— the one with the nutty sense of humor about whites and abortion.

President Obama had called Rice extraordinary and said he couldn’t be prouder of her, but Rice’s supporters are wondering where he is tonight.

For a person so extraordinary, there must be a consolation prize.


Donna Brazile has a warning for Republicans, and it involves God.

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