The reported launch of something by North Korea late yesterday inspired some caution and a great deal of snark from Western observers. Even today, some reports are calling the satellite simply an “object,” and though there’s no way of identifying its purpose, it seems to be doing little more than tumbling out of control as it orbits the earth.

Is it a threat? Possibly, if for no other reason than the collision danger it poses to other satellites.

Of course, was launching a “weather satellite” the point, or did North Korea simply need a reason to test the launch of a multi-stage rocket — the sort that would be necessary to reach the West Coast of the United States?

The United Nations Security Council has condemned the missile launch, and the White House promised “consequences,” with spokesman Jay Carney telling the press, “I don’t have a preview of next steps, but we take this matter very seriously … and we are not alone.”

Yet another threat of unnamed consequences isn’t inspiring confidence.

Sorry. We are very concerned that PRESIDENT Obama remains on the sidelines on North Korea and Iran. Better?

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