Predictably, gun control advocates wasted no time whatsoever in politicizing the shooting at a Portland, Ore., mall today. In an unusual wrinkle, conflicting reports that the shooter wore a mask of some sort have some concerned about a push for mask control.

Details of the mall shooting are still forthcoming, but many on Twitter reported that the shooter was wearing a white mask. Some called it a hockey mask, while others cited an emergency dispatcher referring to a Guy Fawkes mask — the mask made famous by the movie “V for Vendetta” and now associated with Anonymous. Concern for the shooting victims was put on hold in favor of speculation over a mask crackdown.

A Guy Fawkes mask, huh? That can mean only one thing — the shooter must have been a Tea Party member. Right, Brian Ross?

Again, police have not confirmed any details of the shooting. According to witnesses, the shooter might have been wearing all black clothing, camouflage, body armor, a hockey mask, a Guy Fawkes mask and a Friday the 13th mask and been carrying a rifle and a machine gun.

Will the media rush to judgment and investigate the possible Anonymous connection? It’s been hours; can we consider it progress that the Tea Party hasn’t been fingered yet?