Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker has embraced social media perhaps more than any other political figure outside of Barack Obama, so it’s not to surprising to see him posting pictures of his lunch on Instagram. No latte art this week, though; Booker is kicking off his week on the SNAP Challenge, limiting his food budget for the week to the equivalent of New Jersey’s food stamp allocation.

Here’s Booker’s receipt for $29.78, along with a photo of his bean-heavy haul.

As others have pointed out, the “S” in SNAP stands for supplemental, and food stamps would likely be combined with other benefits. That doesn’t seem to matter, though, if the point is to advocate for more money for social programs. And as Booker himself said, he considers things like school and nutrition an investment that creates wealth. Maybe that’s what this woman means by “food justice”?

Whatever else Booker might learn this week, he must notice just how much of an interest other people have in what goes into his body.

As much adulation as Booker is getting for his effort, is he doing enough?

We? Who’s we, and how are they going to end “nutrition deserts”?

The SNAP challenge is getting a lot of traction of Twitter. So, what exactly is the end game here?

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