Many of the millions who tuned in to watch Sunday Night Football didn’t appreciate Bob Costas’s half-time lecture on gun violence, but the sportscaster’s hijack of NBC won him plenty of supporters among the gun control crowd as well. Today, though, Costas partially walked back his comments, appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show” to explain that his mistake was leaving too much open to interpretation.

“A discussion should ensue about the football culture, the gun culture, domestic violence … those issues should be discussed if we’re looking for some kind of elusive perspective,” said Costas, adding that he did not support a repeal of the Second Amendment. By admitting he made a “mistake” in trying to cram a gun-control sermon into a 90-second segment, though, Costas has managed to raise the hackles of his supporters as well.

Wait — so he stands by his comments on guns, and the only mistake was hijacking a football game to deliver them?

It seems Costas can’t win … or can he? Despite a trending #FireCostas hashtag, Costas doesn’t seem in any danger of losing his post, and the backlash against his editorializing has brought him several follow-up opportunities to push his anti-gun views.