The list of candidates “seriously considering” a run for New York City mayor is ever-expanding, with Alec Baldwin forever teasing a possible run, and Anthony Weiner recently poking his head out again to test the political waters. So, why not McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed political reporter?

Yes, this is Weird Twitter. Coppins’ hat was thrown into the ring by Wise Kaplan, a Twitter parody account run by two former New York Observer writers.

Is McKay Coppins the candidate New York City deserves? Don’t answer yet: Wise Kaplan has more to consider, as well as a slogan (Vote, M’Kay?) that would look great on posters.

Deport Piers Morgan? Suddenly the quick buildup of McKay-mentum is making sense. Are there any possible scandals that could derail this train? Well, there was that hot mic incident where he was caught trashing Mitt Romney, and that can’t do anything but help his chances in New York.

How long until we know if this parody campaign could become reality? (All right, the Piers Morgan thing has us seriously interested.) 3, 2, 1…

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