Sen. John McCain today called on Egypt’s president to renounce the dictatorial powers he declared for himself on Thursday, accusing Mohamed Morsi of a “power grab” that is getting out of hand.

McCain’s statement went several steps further than the U.S. State Department’s official statement yesterday, which didn’t even mention Morsi by name and said only that Morsi’s sweeping decree “raised concerns.” McCain’s tweet mirrored that of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Constitution Party founder Mohamed ElBaradei.

The relationship between McCain and the State Department already is contentious, with McCain being labeled both racist and sexist for opposing U.N. Amb. Susan Rice’s nomination to Secretary of State. Can statements like McCain’s and ElBaradei’s shame the State Department into adding some backbone to its own? Or does McCain-bashing take priority?

President Obama golfed yesterday and wasn’t taking questions during a Christmas shopping trip today. Will next week bring a more definitive statement from the White House? Some aren’t holding their breaths.