Remember when the members of the press held the State Department’s feet to the fire and angrily demanded answers about American deaths overseas in Libya? No? The press outrage over the Fast and Furious deaths in Mexico? We don’t either. Apparently it takes the deaths of Palestinians for the Associated Press to take off the gloves and punch until it gets the answers it wants.

In this corner, Matthew Lee of the Associated Press. Defending her title stonewalling for the State Department, spokesperson Victoria Nuland. On the table: Turkey’s Prime Minister today accusing Israel of being a “terrorist state,” and what exactly the United States intends to do about that.

Where is the president to defend a woman under attack and challenge the press to come after him instead, as he did for Amb. Susan Rice during his annual press conference? Oh yeah, Burma.

It’s a “heated exchange,” according to the CNN reporter. In its description of the YouTube video, the AP called it “a spirited exchange.” Viewers on Twitter called it a pummeling, a liquidation and an evisceration. And most of them liked what they saw.

Are you paying attention, reporters? People love it when you ask tough questions of the administration. Imagine the accolades if you’d do this more often — although we wonder if Lee would be as tough with the president in the room.

Can you just hear him asking, “Hope and change … how’s that working out for you?”


We’ve found at least one viewer who is not amused by Lee’s performance: Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert.

Look out, AP. Lee’s “little performance” has landed you on Media Matters’ naughty list of purveyors of “right-wing lies and conservative misinformation.” So, congratulations.