It was just over a month ago when Obama deputy campaign manager and lying liar Stephanie Cutter got the ball rolling, declaring that the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya was only an issue because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan insisted on politicizing it — a claim that seems even more outrageous in light of the “French kiss” of a third presidential debate.

Confronted yesterday with a question about Benghazi, Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse replied by tweeting simply, “We won.” And yet the hearings continue, even though Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid yesterday smacked down the proposal of a Senate select committee. His reasoning? “The elections are over; it is time to put aside the partisan politicization of national security.”

This time it’s Josh Marshall’s turn to ask: Why won’t you wingnuts on the right just let it go? (Marshall is publisher of Talking Points Memo, which provides special snowflake Soledad O’Brien with her crib notes.)

Finding out the truth behind Benghazi isn’t going to change the election results, so why cling bitterly to that “tragedy”? Marshall asked, and conservatives answered.

Panicking? Well, even the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd in her Sunday column calls out Amb. Susan Rice for “renting her soul” in order to advance in the administration.

So, wouldn’t a thorough investigation put to rest the idea that there is something there? Those who managed to pay attention to the election and the developments in Libya can name quite a few things to investigate, actually.

Conversely, with the election over and Obama seemingly in office for another four years without challenge, what possible harm could come from asking questions if there really is no there there? Wouldn’t it be satisfying to shut down all those scandal-minded conspiracy theorists on the right by proving them to be just that?

In fact, Media Matters seems to think that Obama’s just getting more popular despite Fox News’ insistence on covering the story.

We know a lot of people are suffering from election fatigue, but forgive us if we’d like some straight answers once and for all.

Nope, that’s not it. It’s just sour grapes.