There’s something about Obama, apparently. When Matt Drudge teased news of a breaking sex scandal in politics on Oct. 31, many were convinced that something magical had to have happened between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the president somewhere between that bear hug and the oceanfront stroll.

Texas Senator-Elect Ted Cruz today also is suggesting that Mitt Romney at some point fell under Obama’s spell, telling the Federalist Society that Romney’s treatment of the president during the third presidential debate amounted to a “French kiss.”

It’s not quite the Petraeus sex scandal, but the image does have tongues wagging.

One dissenting opinion:

With the election growing ever-smaller in the rear-view mirror, there’s a lot of second-guessing about how Romney handled the campaign. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a dissenting opinion on Romney’s characterization of the Obama campaign enticing voters with “big gifts,” an analysis Jindal called “absolutely wrong.” New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte also split with Romney on the “gifts” comment.

So, is the honeymoon between Romney and the rising stars of the GOP over already? Cruz’s revelation of Romney’s “French kiss” with Obama seems to indicate the candidate cheated on true conservatives. Not everyone’s happy to see Cruz and others play Monday-morning quarterback, though.