When news of Gen. David Petraeus’ resignation hit Friday, details were slim, but the story behind the story seemed to be that the affair had been uncovered as the result of an FBI investigation. Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell was quickly named as his partner in the affair, and sources claimed she was being investigated for “improper access” to classified information and to Petraeus’ email account.

The Associated Press is reporting today that unnamed military sources claim Broadwell had sent threatening emails to Jill Kelley, who works for the State Department as its liaison to the military’s Joint Special Operations Command. In investigating the harassing emails, the FBI uncovered Petraeus’ affair with Broadwell.

While the plot thickens into the circumstances surrounding Petraeus’ resignation as CIA director, there’s still one big question we don’t want to see get lost in the shuffle.


Some sources are reporting that Kelley was not a member of the State Department but instead a citizen volunteer.