You can file this one, along with the Iranian strike on a U.S. drone, the layoffs at Boeing, and PolitiFact’s wrap-up of President Obama’s broken first-term campaign promises, in your binder labeled “Handy things you learn right after the election.”

It’s not a surprising statement from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but that doesn’t help it to sound any better as the country elects to move forward with the Obama administration’s vision, full speed ahead. Asked Wednesday if he would support raising the debt ceiling another $2.4 trillion dollars, perhaps even before the end of the year, Reid replied, “If it has to be raised, we’ll raise it.”

The silver lining? Even though the Treasury Department last week estimated that America will hit its current $16.394 trillion debt ceiling by the end of the year, Reid doesn’t think it will happen until after Jan. 1. Hooray?

This is what they meant by Forward, right?

Well, there’s not much use talking about what might be hiding in Mitt Romney’s tax returns now, is there? With that looming national crisis out of the way, Reid might as well get back to work on that budget to pass the time.

How about the Republican House? Reid told reporters that if Republicans want to threaten another government shutdown, that’s fine, but “we’re not going to be held subject to something that was done as a matter of fact in all previous administrations” —or by basic principles of fiscal sanity, either. Is John Boehner our only hope? Opinion is split.

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