Outraged citizens are using Twitter to investigate a man’s Facebook claim that he’s proudly voted four times already and intends to vote again. Brad Marston captured the post in a screen shot:

He voted early, and often, if his claim is to be believed. Why would someone publicly boast about committing voter fraud? (Although plenty have promised on Twitter to assassinate Mitt Romney as well.) Then again, the claim certainly seems to be made in earnest, judging by the tone. At the very least, it seems well worth looking into.


Turner’s Facebook page is still active although the original post has been deleted — a development which Turner himself posted about yesterday:

I posted a comment to Jami’s page earlier today and it now lives in cybersomewhere. I can’t seem to get with the whole facebook thing. I made bold comment on the future of my grandchildren under a Romney presidency and now it is gone. I think my comments were deleted as part of a conspiracy inspired by some who see our national glass as half empty.

A report from the Examiner says that Turner’s wife, reached by phone, claims he did indeed post the original message but denied that he had actually voted multiple times.

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