Just when it seemed like the tag-team of President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate was getting so much done, Majority Leader Harry Reid has warned voters that the locomotive of progress will come to a screeching halt if he has to deal with a President Mitt Romney next year.

“Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his severely conservative agenda is laughable,” Reid said in a statement today — the same day his Twitter account bemoaned the lack of bipartisan cooperation in the Senate and blamed Republicans for stalling the recovery.

Reid’s presumption that he’ll still be Majority Leader after the election seems plausible, but do his comments mean he’s expecting a change-up in the White House? Either way, his statement seems to have awakened quite a few Republicans to the importance of all Senate races this year.





RNC Chairman Reince Priebus quickly released his own statement in response:

I am encouraged that Harry Reid recognizes Governor Romney’s momentum and is joining the hundreds of millions of Americans who are preparing for a Romney Administration. While Senator Reid might want to continue Washington politics as usual, I’m confident that there are many Democrats who value balancing the budget, reducing burdensome regulations, investing in U.S. energy resources and will be willing to work with Governor Romney to help grow our stagnant economy.

So is this the new tone today?