Well, at least we know now why Sen. John McCain is waging his “singularly disgraceful Benghazi campaign.” He’s a has-been who’s still bitter about losing to Barack Obama in the 2008 race for president. So, what’s the excuse for all of you asking questions about Benghazi who didn’t lose to Obama in the 2008 campaign? Racism, probably.

The mainstream media finally seems to have taken an interest in the Benghazi story, the same night that unnamed intelligence officials have provided yet another revised timeline — one that seems to satisfy all of the questions “real journalists” have while ignoring the silly ones, like where the administration got that “blame the video” and jail the filmmaker story.

Boehlert’s Twitter followers seem to buy his theory about McCain.



Can’t McCain just get over it and get in line with the rest of the legislature (with a few exceptions) and stop asking questions about Benghazi? At least until next Wednesday?

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