With the election only days away and the Big Bird and binders jokes played out, the mainstream media seems willing at last to mention the word “Benghazi.” Eli Lake of Newsweek and the Daily Beast today passed along his sources’ claim that the State Department never requested military backup, and now ABC’s Jake Tapper has penned a blog post called “The Benghazi Drip-Drip-Drip.” Strange, really, considering that as a part of ABC News, Tapper is better positioned than most to open that tap and let the information flow.

Some help from the president would be appreciated, though. Tapper begins by recounting how the president either didn’t hear or flat out ignored a question shouted last night by ABC News’s Mary Bruce “about when he would begin to provide answers to the numerous questions building up about what exactly what went wrong in Benghazi, Libya.”

To a public hungry for any sort of answers on Benghazi, what little recap Tapper does provide is greatly appreciated. Too little, too late, perhaps, but it’s something. Um, thanks?





Staying quiet until after the election? Oh, you think so?

Tapper has managed to rally quite a cheerleading section from just one blog post. Just imagine what a few specific questions directed toward the administration could do.

Tapper might not be the only one finally tuning in to Benghazi. ABC’s Devin Dwyer today asked Jay Carney about the president’s involvement in the investigation.

On Air Force One today, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked by ABC News how closely the President is reading and following the media reports about what went wrong in Benghazi.

“Is he engaged in the investigation and receiving updates on the investigation, or is he waiting until it’s complete?” ABC News’ Devin Dwyer asked.

Carney noted that since the “investigations are being conducted by both the FBI and the Accountability Review Board” the president himself “is not participating in the investigation. He is anticipating results that show us exactly what happened, who was responsible and what lessons we can learn from it in terms of how we ensure that it never happens again.”

With Election Day so close, more and more voters seem to be learning how they can ensure this sort of debacle never happens again under a second Obama term.