This is almost like fighting over who gets credit for inventing New Coke or the vuvuzela. Tonight the New York Times’ Richard Cohen tried to take credit for coining the term Romnesia, a term which the president has beaten so close to death on the campaign trail that the RNC is now using it in ads.

Cohen’s followers were quick to point out that no, Cohen doesn’t get royalties.

George Monbiot did write a column for the Guardian in September called “Romnesia,” which he described as “the ability of the very rich to forget the context in which they made their money.”

That challenger has backed off, but as Twitchy reported, Mother Jones’ David Corn published an article back in June called “A Case of Romnesia.” For what it’s worth, Wikipedia dates the term back to April 2011, but I think we can all agree: enough, already.

If the New York Times is looking for something new and fresh to write about, might we suggest the Benghazi cover-up?