Celebs, media figures and practically everyone else was lined up earlier this week to take their own shot at Tagg Romney, who had joked on a North Carolina radio show that hearing his father called a lair during the second presidential debate made him want to “take a swing” at President Obama. Lawrence O’Donnell, certainly among the top 10 of MSNBC’s toughest hosts, urged Tagg to “take his best shot.”

Tagg Romney and the president had their chance to duke it out last night as the candidates’ families gathered on stage following the final debate, but reports are that Tagg apologized and the president graciously accepted. Now that the brawl to end it all is a no-go, leave it to Twitter to hash out whether this threat was ever real.

Roseanne Barr had urged Homeland Security to come down hard on “punk ass ho” Tagg and have him detained, but the Secret Service seems to have taken a pass.

ABC’s Tapper decided to have fun with it. If the president and Tagg Romney can let bygones be bygones, after all…