Reports of the death of freedom of speech have been greatly exaggerated lately. With her husband Jason Biggs facing a huge backlash in August over his vulgar, sexually explicit tweets targeting Janna Ryan and Ann Romney, Jenny Mollen lamented the death of free speech in a tweet.

Today Whoopi Goldberg joins in the mourning, the day after a contentious exchange with Ann Romney. Goldberg, caught out on her misconception that Mormons’ faith prohibits them from serving in the military, chose to pivot by asking how Romney could console families of fallen soldiers when her husband and sons hadn’t served.

Goldberg faced her own Twitter backlash, some of it nasty — much like the hateful comments about Romney Twitchy compiled yesterday. So it seems we’re learning from the Left yet again that freedom from speech somehow equals freedom from criticism and consequences.

Look at how bad you’re making your candidate look, you rude Romney supporters with your questions about bias. Why can’t you be more polite, like the Obama supporters who tweeted that Romney was a “dizzy bitch” and a “whore.” Where’s Goldberg’s tweet admonishing viewers who savaged her gracious guest?

If receiving vile tweets makes one strong, we have to imagine Ann Romney’s pretty damned invincible by now.

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