As the 2012 campaign season comes down to the wire, candidates are focusing on winning the critical women’s vote. It looks like another demographic is being overlooked, though — the coveted felon vote. Reports say there are nearly 6 million Americans whose criminal records prevent them from casting a ballot. Restrictions vary by state, however; felons in Maine and Vermont, for example, can vote from behind bars. Twitter users are doing whatever they can to get out the vote.

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It’s worth a shot, huh?

If there’s one slogan that’s tailor-made for the “get out the felon vote” movement, it’s this: Remember Al Franken!

Do you know what’s not worth a shot? Getting a green card in order to vote. Although green card holders may vote in some local and state elections, federal elections are off-limits.

Perhaps you might want to address that tweet directly to @BarackObama for a quicker response.

Do you hear that, Mr. President? Canada still loves you. Go to her.