Twitchy has told you about the reaction to today’s Gallup poll numbers that give Mitt Romney a 7-point lead among likely voters. As the Left begins its slow trudge through the beginning stages of grief, NBC’s Chuck Todd has skipped straight to conspiracy theory to explain why “bad info” should be kept from an ignorant public.

Here’s another crazy theory, as long as we’re playing that game.

If casual voters don’t follow polls, why do networks like NBC insist on reporting on so many of them — at least those that show Obama with a commanding lead? As long as Todd is making himself available, Ace of Spades and others have some questions to ask about just how NBC keeps it real.

It’s on.

Does MSNBC need to be “put down”? With Newsweek announcing today it’s killing off its print edition, how long can Todd and company hold out against these crazy conspiracy theorists and their demands for unbiased, factual reporting?