OK, this is confusing. When Alan Colmes says that the right wing should “move on,” does that mean that Eva Longoria shouldn’t resign as Obama campaign co-chair, as Colmes himself suggested she should do earlier today?

Does Colmes’ change of heart have something to do with Longoria’s faux “sorry if you were offended by my attempt to create dialogue” apology? If so, it doesn’t mean much from someone claiming the mean old right wing is “beating up” on Longoria by calling her out on her own actions: retweeting posts that call Mitt Romney a “twat,” his women and minority supporters “stupid” and Paul Ryan a “prison bitch,” then deleting the posts, then blaming Twitter, then saying she was only trying to create dialogue.

It was chivalrous of you to offer her a life preserver, but Longoria has grabbed the shovel and chosen to dig her own hole, thanks very much.