After a weeks-long game of political hot potato over who exactly was responsible for the security failures which led to the deaths of four Americans in Libya on Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today offered herself as a sacrifice, telling CNN she wanted “to avoid some kind of political gotcha” so soon before an election.

Conservatives weren’t impressed.

Vice President Joe Biden put the White House in an embarrassing position during his debate with Paul Ryan, when he told moderator Martha Raddatz “we weren’t told” that diplomats requested tighter security leading up to Sept. 11. With a second presidential debate looming, it will certainly be helpful for President Obama to have this bump in the road smoothed over.

Who knows if we’ll ever get the facts on Benghazi, but at least we have a new slogan for the history books.

Others believe that Clinton will not go quietly under that big bus.

At least she won’t be lonely under there in the meantime.