You might remember back in August when Papa John’s Pizza and its founder, John Schnatter, came under fire and the threat of a boycott from progressives. Why? Schanatter told shareholders on a conference call that Obamacare, when implemented, would cost the chain an extra 11 to 14 cents per pizza.

Shocking, right? Not really. It’s only when you put Schnatter’s words through the liberal outrage translator that you come up with the idea that Schnatter’s a rich, selfish, out-of-touch one-percenter who’s too cheap to spend 11 cents to buy his employees heath insurance. Liberals immediately rushed to say they’d happily pay more to provide workers insurance, and that they’d be boycotting the chain.

If you’ve never heard of the liberal outrage translator, ask anti-bullying expert Dan Savage if you can borrow his, so you can turn the following tweet, by the founder of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, into a short play called “Jesus and the Huge Asshole.”

What would Jesus do? Who better to ask than Savage, who recently called Christian high school students “pansy assed” for walking out an anti-bullying speech, then taunted them to return, saying “I’m done beating up the Bible.”

And thus was born “Jesus and the Huge Asshole.” In case you didn’t know how Jesus felt about Obamacare, now you do.

Savage’s followers applaud the realistic portrayal of GOP thinking, and for his succinct condensation of the 2,700-page Obamacare bill.