A day after a gunshot was reported to have smashed out the window of an occupied Obama campaign office in Denver, Colo., details remain hard to come by, with the Denver Post reporting only that police have the description of a “possible vehicle of interest.” In the meantime, people are floating their own theories. Paging Brian Williams, please pick up the Tea Party Alert hotline.

In its coverage of the shooting, Mediaite points to “a rash of anti-Obama vandalism” in 2008 which the campaign “made a conscious decision to downplay … to avoid escalation.”

Iowahawk and others, though, linked to the Denver Post’s coverage of a similar window-smashing at Democratic Party headquarters in Denver in 2009, a “false-flag” attack which led to the arrest of a 24-year-old with ties to Democrat causes.



Conservatives, of course, are pointing to the 2009 incident. The current incident is under investigation, but some aren’t hesitating to blame desperate Republicans before the investigation is complete.


As Mediaite’s headline citing the shooting as “part of a troubling pattern” is retweeted over and over, both sides are pointing fingers and wondering just which troubling pattern we’re talking about.