Jimmy Carter and Al Gore each have one. Barack Obama was awarded his in October 2009, after only eight months in office, in part for his outreach to “normalize relations” with the Muslim world. (They love us now, right?) Now these previous recipients share the honor of winning the Nobel Peace Prize with the 500 million citizens who make up the European Union.

If the award reminds you of that time “you” won Time magazine’s Person of the Year award, you’re not alone.

The announcement, made today, was met with widespread snark. Expectations were already low (see list of winners above), but the EU?

We don’t remember exactly, but it was quite a while ago. What year did Yasser Arafat win? That doesn’t matter. What’s going on today is what matters.

Take heart if you’re not a member of the EU. Maybe next year will be the year for these aspirants.

What’s the chance of the United States getting a shout-out from the award ceremony?