Well, you were all wrong. In August, the Twitterverse started a hashtag game to find #DavidChaliansNextJob after the Yahoo! News bureau chief was fired for describing the Romneys as “happy to have a party when black people drown” — a reference to the close timing of the Republican National Convention and Hurricane Isaac making landfall.

Politico announced today that Chalian has joined the site as vice-president of video programming. “David screwed up, admitted he screwed up and paid the price of losing his job for screwing up,” explained Politico editor-in-chief John Harris.

Gwen Ifill and others rallied around Chalian after his remarks, and “real journalists” are happy to see the reporter back in business. After all, the New York Times considers him “one of the fairest.” Fairest? As in white? RACIST!!111

In June, Politico suspended Joe Williams, who tweeted a vulgar joke about Ann Romney and claimed Mitt Romney only feels comfortable around “white folks.”