It seems that #LadyParts are front and center in the president’s mind today. The Obama campaign thought better of an e-card posted to its official Tumblr page after women objected to, well, objectification. Conservative women tweeted that they’d be voting with their brains and not their girly bits, thank you very much. And now, as Obama’s interview with Glamour hits stands, it seems the president still sees dancing vaginas rather than women with brains who can handle their own contraceptive choices — and who know what the word “access” means.

People are also taking issue with the president’s claim that nations can be judged by their treatment of girls and women.

What a ridiculous question. When would the president find time to sit down and speak with a foreign leader? We don’t imagine the interviewers at Glamour asked about America’s treatment of its very youngest girls, though.

Don’t look for President Eye Candy on the cover, though. That honor went to Taylor Swift.