Twitter is abuzz with anticipation tonight as Matt Drudge has lit up his siren and slowly drips out information about a “curious” tape airing tonight, the eve of the first presidential debate.

News outlets are scrambling to get the details of the tape out first before it airs on Sean Hannity’s show tonight. BuzzFeed claimed to have found the video of the speech, first pointing to a nine-minute edit of remarks then-Senator Barack Obama made in 2007 at a ministers’ conference at Hampton University.

Drudge, however, keeps adding quotes that appear neither in that edited video nor in an online transcript.

Time’s Mark Halperin has already thrown a fit, labeling the video a #freakshow and advising followers in a tweet to “Look away.” Progressives, Obama campaign staffers and other media outlets too are doing their best to keep passerby moving along, with the admonition that there’s “nothing to see here.”

Satisfied? Nothing to see here. Forgive us if we check it out anyway.