Is there no end to the #NBCFail? David Gregory is being panned from both sides for his “Meet the Press”-style moderation at tonight’s debate between Mass. Sen. Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren. In fact, even the word “debate” is up for debate, as Gregory sat down with the two candidates for what he hoped would be a “healthy, cordial exchange.”

The Sunday-morning chat show format left Gregory to do a lot of the talking and even more interrupting.

Gregory kicked off the night with a question about Warren’s supposed Native American heritage — the same topic which began the previous #MASEN debate — and asked if Brown’s use of “professor” in referring to Warren was meant as disparaging.

Gregory’s performance was so off-putting that even Warren supporters swore that the NBC hack was batting for the Republican.

Any idea of GOP bias wasn’t helped when Gregory mistakenly referred to “President Romney.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, saw a debate between Brown and a tag-team of Gregory and Warren.

While managing to avoid state politics almost completely, Gregory concluded by asking each candidate to say something nice about the other, a closing which left viewers with not much nice to say about the moderator.