So, did you catch the premiere of Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”? Michelle Malkin’s family didn’t, and from your tweets, it looks like a lot of you didn’t either. Nickelodeon responded to your concerns by saying it would insist on better judgment from its employees, but it looks like (former) viewers are the ones using their own better judgment to change the channel.

If you’ve followed Twitchy over the past month, you’re certainly well aware of actor Jason Biggs’ vulgar tweets aimed at GOP women (and if you haven’t, this column provides an extensive recap.)

Even if Nickelodeon’s initial failure to understand the kind of person they were hiring to voice a children’s cartoon character could be excused as laziness, the network’s steering of young Twitter followers to Biggs’ vile account after the fact was a slap in the face to concerned parents. Many of those parents took a stand, and as “TMNT” goes forward, it looks as though many are taking a pass, not only on Biggs’ show but on Nick altogether.

Social media like Twitter have helped conservatives to speak up, and it seems they aren’t so willing to let things “blow over” anymore.