It didn’t take long for the video of a screeching Mitt Romney protester (and 47-percenter poster star) in Ohio to go viral and for #ObamaPhone to trend on Twitter. The Obama campaign noticed it too, and you’d think they’d be quick to thank such a passionate supporter for her boots-on-the-ground help, but instead the campaign’s “Truth Team” has wasted no time disconnecting.

But why? The woman said she’s voting Obama because the president gave her a free phone. Who’s to say he didn’t?

Obama’s Truth Team quickly tweeted out a link to, which concludes that “Obama Phone” is a complete misnomer. FactCheck even manages to “blame Bush” for the program, noting that the SafeLink program, which provides free cell phones to qualifying applicants who receive food stamps, Medicaid or other federal benefits, “started under President George Bush.”

So, that free cell phone? Obama didn’t buy that. Mr. President, why don’t you want the poor to have cell phones?

But … free stuff!